Quick Review – Taco Bell “Naked Chicken Chalupa”

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So, I decided to try Taco Bell’s “Naked Chicken Chalupa”.  It’s a pretty basic idea, remove the “bread” base of a fast food item and replace it with a slab (or two) of meat.  In this case, it’s a chalupa with it’s tortilla shell replaced with a crispy chicken shell and just lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and some sort of proprietary Taco Bell sauce.

Normally, I would squeeze on a packet of hot sauce but I wanted to experience the chalupa as it was made.  The chicken shell is thin and crispy but a little salty.  Not having a substantial filling detracts from the experience but not greatly.  Overall it’s not as good as a regular chalupa from Taco Bell but still edible.

Rating: 2/5

Writer/Patreon update

Last year, I wrote and published close to 90 stories on my site. I started around March putting out three stories a week. In September, I cut back to every other week as I started to feel depressed and couldn’t keep up with my previous output. I may, also, have had mild burnout. In November, I barely made my quota and realized I would not be able to do so in December. A large factor at that time was how busy my retail job had become during the holidays. So, I took December off and planned to take January off as well and return to writing in February.

A few days ago I started thinking about revising one of my stories. And then I restarted putting together an anthology of stories from last year. Also, I took everything I learned in the last year and worked out a plan for the rest of the coming year.

Starting in February I’m going to be posting two stories a week four times a month to my Patreon. Non-patreons can read them a week later on my site. I plan to keep this schedule through December. Eleven months, eight stories a month is eighty-eight stories. Because of how irregular months are there will be a few months that will have a skip week and I’m adding a couple of stories to make it a nice round ninety stories. I’m already planning on writing ahead so I can take a break again in the fall/winter and work on a second anthology of stories to be out early 2018. Patrons also get copies of the ebooks.

I hope to have the anthology I’m working on right now out around March.

My Patreon is currently on hiatus, since December, until I resume posting in February. If I keep to my schedule, there will be only one month, January, that I don’t post anything. I’ll be asking my Patrons how they would like me to handle that month.