Quick Review – Taco Bell “Naked Chicken Chalupa”

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So, I decided to try Taco Bell’s “Naked Chicken Chalupa”.  It’s a pretty basic idea, remove the “bread” base of a fast food item and replace it with a slab (or two) of meat.  In this case, it’s a chalupa with it’s tortilla shell replaced with a crispy chicken shell and just lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and some sort of proprietary Taco Bell sauce.

Normally, I would squeeze on a packet of hot sauce but I wanted to experience the chalupa as it was made.  The chicken shell is thin and crispy but a little salty.  Not having a substantial filling detracts from the experience but not greatly.  Overall it’s not as good as a regular chalupa from Taco Bell but still edible.

Rating: 2/5

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