A Doctor’s Journal

Day one – 80

The gates of hell have opened upon our village.

Day two – 73

We’re still trying to treat those injured in the attack but there are so many. A triage was been set up in village square. I’ve been working non-stop treating the worst burns while my learner doctor manages volunteers to treat the non-critical wounds.

Day three – 66

The local witches have been brewing burn salve. They offered all they had the first day and went into the forest to gather more ingredients. I’ve had to ration the salve for the one’s who can not stop screaming from the pain. I ran out early this morning. More will die before they can be treated. We were not prepared for so many to injured at once.

Day four – 63

It was those strangers. They brought the dragon here. They fought it and led it out of the village but it would never have come if not for them. I curse them for coming here.

The tavern goers emptied into the street at the sound of the dragon’s roar. The strangers were fleet of foot dodging the dragon’s flames seeming to avoid any burns. The villagers they ran among were not as lucky. Seventeen dead in the street that night. Another fourteen died before sunrise.

Day five – 60

The witches delivered five jars of burn salve. I asked what I could do to repay them and they said, “Save as many as you can.” They left again saying they would be back with more. I sent a few of the more sensible lads and lasses that have been volunteering with the injured to help them.

Day seven – 59

I think the worst is over. Another five jars found their way to me and I have not yet used up the previous batch. I’ve received word that those strangers have returned with tales of defeating a wizard in a cave to the north and promised the dragon would not be returning

The local children chased them out of the village with sticks and rocks.

Author’s note: A Doctor’s Journal is part of a loose series I started with Blacksmith’s Journal. The idea is to show how everyday people’s lives are effected by heroes in a fantasy setting sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst, sometimes to no effect.