Did You See Something?

“Do you ever look at the ceiling and see stuff in the popcorn?”

“In the what?”

“The bumpy ceiling stuff is called a popcorn ceiling. So do you?”

“Um… no. Do you?”


“Like what kind of stuff.”

“Right there is a dog’s head and over there is a gingerbread man or woman maybe. I guess it’s like the constellations. Throw enough random points on something and people will start looking for familiar shapes.”

“I think I know what you mean. Like when you look into a room dark and you see a man standing there. Probably just a trick of the mind.”

“You saw someone in the house?”

“Yeah, no. It was probably just my imagination.”

“You turned on the light to check, right?”

“No, I just closed the door.”

“But what if there was someone there? What room did you see them in?”

“Your room.”