Odyssey 3011: One Woman’s Tale – Part Four

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The following story is based on my experiences in the game Odyssey 3011, an Xbox Live Indie game. The story is a mix of my play through and added fictional encounters in the form of a log kept by my player character.

Jump 140?

I’m not sure if I should call that a jump or not. I’m in a different place but it wasn’t a hyperspace jump. I’m not home. Not even close to Earth as far as I can tell. It was a wormhole I think. I’m not in the same system anymore. I’m picking up a beacon from a docking station nearby. I’m going to head there and see if I can figure out where I am.

Jump 141

I ran into a group of pirates on the way to station in the system I arrived in from the wormhole. I jumped to a nearby system and made it to that system’s station without incident. I’m still in IGUP space, kind of. Nothing on these star charts is familiar. Not that it was familiar before but I can’t find any of the systems I’ve been traveling through. However, the stations around here work with the same network and the IGUP ruling that made me a free woman is being respected.

The artifacts are pointing to new system. It might be another wormhole back to the part of IGUP space I came from or someplace. I don’t have any other leads.

Jump 143

I found a high tech level planet to upgrade my ship’s maneuvering thrusters and coolant system. I’m considering upgrading my weapons but it’s gonna cost me a lot of credits. I may have to make a few trade runs.

Jump 147

This new laser system is incredible. Rapid fire, high energy beam. The coolant system has to fight to keep up with the heat output from it but it chews through shields like nothing. If I can’t out run it, I can out gun it now.

I’m going to start star hopping toward the system the artifacts are pointing toward.

Jump 153

I’m taking a layover at a station. Six jumps with no breaks is a rough time. After this layover, I’m heading toward Alojoy. I heard some talk about ships disappearing in hyperspace in route to that system. Probably pirates but I’m hearing rumors about Thargoids. They’re the boogeymen of space. A hostile alien force that has never been confirmed to exist. I guess I’ll get to see for myself tomorrow.

To be continued?

Author note:  So, this one is a short one because I haven’t played the game in a while.  This was the last bit I had written before I stopped.  I was tempted to tag on a postscript saying she disappeared and all that was found was this log but that felt a little cheap.  I might come back to this eventually but for now this is the end.

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