Two Sides To Every Story

We dug too shallow.

We didn’t know what we would find but we kept going. Hard rock gave way to soft dirt and loose gravel. Cave-ins had become a daily occurrence. Still we pressed upwards until we breached open space. The light was brighter than any flame or tunnel glow we had ever seen. The air was not like the air in our tunnels. It filled our heads making us dizzy and nauseated. A couple started twitching and stumbled around. Suddenly, tall gangly creatures rushed at us with swords and daggers screaming with shrill voices. We fought back and they proved no match for Dwarven pickaxes and shovels. We collected those dazzled by the air and light and returned to our tunnel, collapsing it behind us in hopes they would not follow.

-From the journal of Derke Coalmaster
(First recorded meeting of Dwarves and Men)


Villagers have been reporting sinkholes on the outskirts of the village. They believe a monster is trying to dig up from the underworld. I have sent a five man squad to investigate.

Update: The men I sent happened upon one of the sinkholes forming and laid in wait to see if anything would emerge. From a nearby thicket they watched as several short man-like creatures clawed their way out of the ground. They carried crude weapons so the decision was made to attack. The monsters proved terrifyingly strong and killed all but one of the men. The lone survivor played dead and watched them return to the ground. Several more sinkholes formed but no further sightings of the creatures. I have ordered the hole they emerged from filled with stone.

-From the daily logs of garrison captain Greg Levett
(First recorded meeting of Men and Dwarves)