(Un)Fairy Godmothers

“Evil is coming. We must find a chosen one,” the eldest fairy said to the others.

“Prophecy?” another asked glowing brighter.

“Prophecy. Prophecy,” The rest chanted their lights twinkling like a swarm of lightning bugs.

Into nurseries they flew. Their tiny lights exposing small helpless children to the dark night.

“This one has a half moon birthmark on shoulder,” one shouted excitedly.

“Moon is good symbol. Light in the dark. Half meaning other could be found to share the load,” the elder intoned.

“Nice but this one has four point star birthmark on knee,” another boasted of their find.

“Is that a birthmark or a scar?” a nearby fairy asked.

“Scar’s good for prophecy,” they argued.

“Looks like surgical scar.”

A fairy flared with excitement, “Oh, oh! This one has three moles in perfect triangle on her wrist.”

“Triangles are good. Three sides, strong shape,” a fairy said

“Rule of three. Heart, body, mind,” a fairy said.

“Agreed. She will be the chosen one,” the elder said, “Goddess forgive us.”