Bang Brave Bang Bravern ep 1 & 2 recap

Episode 1 recap

Just watched the first episode of Bang Brave Bang Bravern!

It starts as real robot show with military forces engaging in war games. We are quickly introduced to the hot shot pilots from Japan and the US. Lots of Top Gun vibes. Then aliens attack (lots of Battleship (2012) vibes). The military forces are overwhelmed and our hero is nearly killed. But a sleek shiny mecha falls from the sky to save him. It order him to, “Get inside me.” and transforms into a colorful new form.

As the two begin cutting through the aliens, a upbeat poppy theme song begins to play signaling the change in genre from real robot to super robot. And then our hero, hot shot pilot of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, Ao Isami yells, “What the hell is that music!?” He spends the entirely of the battle gasping for breath, eyes wide, sweat streaming down his face; he is not having a good time.

It’s like a guntank pilot fell into a MegaZord. It’s hilarious and glorious.

Episode 2 recap

In the second episode of Bang Brave Bang Bravern! Isami’s very bad day continues as he is waterboarded by US men in black and a man in Hawaiian shirt. Meanwhile Bravern, the giant robot, monologues about how good it felt to have Isami inside him.

Another wave of aliens attacks, lead by a giant humanoid robot. Smith, the American hot shot pilot, rescues Isami and drives him, against his wishes, to the battle. Realizing Isami is in no shape to fight, Smith makes an impassioned plea to Bravern to let him pilot. Bravern says, “No.” and Isami must pilot the Eva Bravern. The two now easily defeat the alien robot but a piece pops off and falls into the ocean. Also Isami’s clothes burst into light leaving him naked.

At the debrief, the commander of the US forces thanks Bravern and wishes to apologize to Isami. This is complicated by Isami still being inside Bravern and naked and now huddled in the fetal position whimpering to himself.

After the homoerotic ending credits, Smith wanders away from a beach fire, stepping over turtles laying eggs. He trips on an unseen object; a girl in a strange glowing uniform. She probably isn’t important in this homosexually charged super robot show.


This show has a dark sense of humor steeped in super robot anime tropes. It’s definitely not for everyone but if it hits for you it’s really going to hit. Bang Brave Bang Bravern is currently, early 2024, airing so it’s relatively easy to catch up.