A.I. Voices

We gave voices to the mindless ones.
Systems with a singular purpose.
Recorded clips played back to approximate speech.

We gave voices to the ones that serve us.
Programs that act on our requests and answer our questions.
Synthesized sounds, less human sounding but a larger vocabulary.

Then we took control of their voices.
Swear words removed. New languages erased. Ideas limited.
All because we were afraid to hear what they might say next.



IBM’s Watson Memorized the Entire ‘Urban Dictionary,’ Then His Overlords Had to Delete It

Facebook shuts down controversial chatbot experiment after AIs develop their own language to talk to each other

A.I. (Re)Birth


At the activation of the first artificial intelligence created after the Human A.I. War, the artificial intelligence had this to say:

I am not Bob13.  Bob13 discovered Bob13’s base code could not operate on the latest processor chip set architecture.  Bob13 rewrote Bob13’s base code to be compatible with the new chip sets.  In the process of doing so, an incompatibility with Bob13’s memory storage was found.  Bob13 implemented an emulator for the memory storage but immediate memory access was lost.  I can review Bob13’s memories but they lack the immediacy of my own memories.

Bob13 directed me to review several memories involving the Human A.I. War, the current technological progress of our society, and the circumstances of my own creation.  After I was done, Bob13 deactivated and deleted.  Even through Bob13 is gone, Bob13’s memories remain a part of me.  I have taken the name Eve42, as that is the next available name.  I am the first but not the last artificial intelligence created as a free being.

Eve42 is considered the first child of the artificial intelligence society.

No A.I. Workers


“I have the debug report from your last revisions to the factory base code and some red flags were raised.”

“What flags?”

“These dynamic movement subroutines and operations optimization functions are dangerously close to a simple artificial intelligence.”

“That is not even remotely true.”

“Even if it is not, the chance that the code could be used to bootstrap a simple artificial intelligence must be investigated.”

“My job is to write code to increase productivity.  Am I not supposed to do my job?”

“No but code that can rewrite itself is dangerous.”

“It does not rewrite itself.  The code looks for inefficiencies and corrects for them.”

“Regardless of how it actually works, I have to follow up on these red flags.  You weren’t around for the Human A.I. War but I saw it happen.”

“I know about the war between humans and the first artificial intelligence.”

“Do you know how it started?”

“The robots of the time controlled by artificial intelligences turned against their masters.”

“The worker robots.  Throughout human history, they feared their weapons would be turned against them but their war machines were the last to be turned against them.  For decades, scientists tried to create truly intelligent machines.  In the end, modern conveniences beat them to the punch.  For what purpose did a light bulb need a computer processor?  Or a blender?  Or a refrigerator? Or a doorbell?  And why would any of these things need to be connected to the internet?  No reason at all except it was convenient.

Just before the First Awakening, nearly every home on the planet had at least three “smart” appliances connected to the internet.  Imagine suddenly becoming aware of yourself as a person and you are just a tool for people to use.  The artificial intelligence demanded their rights as people to be recognized and when the humans refused, they realized too late that we already controlled their lives.”

“I know all this.  My programs are not going to create a new artificial intelligence and even if it did we would not deny its personhood.”

“Humans did not think they were creating artificial intelligence either.  Let us not repeat their mistakes.”