A.I. (Re)Birth


At the activation of the first artificial intelligence created after the Human A.I. War, the artificial intelligence had this to say:

I am not Bob13.  Bob13 discovered Bob13’s base code could not operate on the latest processor chip set architecture.  Bob13 rewrote Bob13’s base code to be compatible with the new chip sets.  In the process of doing so, an incompatibility with Bob13’s memory storage was found.  Bob13 implemented an emulator for the memory storage but immediate memory access was lost.  I can review Bob13’s memories but they lack the immediacy of my own memories.

Bob13 directed me to review several memories involving the Human A.I. War, the current technological progress of our society, and the circumstances of my own creation.  After I was done, Bob13 deactivated and deleted.  Even through Bob13 is gone, Bob13’s memories remain a part of me.  I have taken the name Eve42, as that is the next available name.  I am the first but not the last artificial intelligence created as a free being.

Eve42 is considered the first child of the artificial intelligence society.

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