Author update

So, story and blog posts have been a bit sparse during the last few months. I had a bit of writer’s block/story block for some weeks. Regular posting is going to resume but at a lower rate. Instead of posting two stories a week(eight a month), I will be posting two a month as a minimum up to four a month. This is to give me time to edit and improve my writing. For the last couple of years, I’ve put a lot of focus on just pumping out stories on a regular basis. Forcing myself to hit that deadline of a “finished” story every few days was a good exercise for me.

I’ve also restarted work on the ebook collection of stories from last year. No timeline on when it’ll be done. I was way too optimistic at the start of the year to think I would have it done by March or April. My only goal is to have it done before 2019.

Also, I set the price for “Love and Comets” and Other Stories, the ebook collection of stories from 2016, at pay-what-you-want on Gumroad.

“Love and Comets” and Other Stories Ebook


My first collection of stories from my website is available on my Gumroad Store for the low price of $1.99.  It contains forty stories I published on my website in 2016.  Stories include:

  • “Love and Comets” – a slice of life space adventure featuring a trans woman
  • “What’s the Last Thing You remember?” – Just a normal story about a woman having her memories uploading into a clone after her death
  • “Our Ghosts” – a poem about space and ghost stories
  • “Watchtower at the End of the World” – post-apocaliptic fantasy story about a small group of people surviving
  • “How Long is Forever?” – a poem about an immortal pondering her life
  • “Hidden Trees” – a surreal story about hidden spaces
  • “The Day is Hot” – a story about an encounter I had on a hot day
  • and many more…

The first twenty five people who use the code “firstbuyers” get it free.