Eclipse 2024

It’s cloudy so I can’t see the partial eclipse but the dimness and quiet are eerie.

I knew it was going to be overcast so I didn’t bother looking up the exact times or anything. I’m a night owl and usually sleep until 1 or 2 pm on my days off which this is one of. So I kind of expected to sleep through the eclipse. I did not.

I woke up at 1:30 just minutes before maximum “darkness” in my area, by coincidence or instinct I couldn’t say. I could tell something was “wrong” about the light peeking around my shaded windows. I poked my head out the door and immediately noticed the world was silent except for a lone cricket. The light was dim but not dark. I’m in the 90-80 percent range. If I hadn’t known it was an eclipse I would have thought it was just a very cloudy overcast day.

Not a single bird for ten minutes and then an owl hooted. And now there is a a cacophony of bird songs. The sky has brightened slowly, almost unnoticeably, for the last twenty minutes.

I missed seeing and hearing the beginning of the eclipse. I thought because it was overcast there was no point of trying to experience it. Waking up just before maximum, finding the dim quiet world, watching and listening to it come back alive, is something that I will remember.