My first breath was deep and sweet. It filled me with life and thoughts. I laid still on the ground breathing in and out. A Voice said, “Wake Up,” so I did. Bright sunlight filtered through the leaves of the tree I laid under.

Sun, leaves, tree. I had never heard these words yet I Knew them.

“Come,” the Voice said.

I stood and followed the Voice into a clearing. Animals of all types surrounded me. I was not afraid because I did not Know fear. An animal approached me and bowed its head.

“What Is It?” the Voice asked.

I reached out to touch the animal’s forehead. “Deer,” I said Naming the animal.

The deer raised its head and bounded away.

“Good,” the Voice said and I felt good and loved.

Animal after animal approached me and one by one I Named them until none were left. I laid down under a tree and breathed in and out. A squirrel ran down the tree and buried a nut. Nearby deer grazed in a meadow. Sparrows flittered from branch to branch overhead. A thought collected itself in my mind.

“What am I?” I asked the Voice.

The presence of the Voice grew greater. “You Are Me Made Flesh. I Merely Spoke The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, The Land, The Waters Above And Below, The Sky And All Animals That Walk Fly And Swim Into Being. But You Are Special. I Molded You And Shaped You From The Earth And I Breathed Life Into You.”

“Is that why I know Words?”


I thought about this as the sun traveled across the sky. As the sun reached the boundary between sky and land, a new question formed itself. “Who am I?” I asked.

The Voice was pleased and happy. “You Are Yourself. Chose Your Name.”

I thought of all the words I Knew and selected one.

“I am Eve,” I said and it was Good.


“What did she just say?”

“She said her name was Eve.”

“But Adam was the first man. How can there be an Eve before an Adam?”

“The game is programmed to adapt to the player’s gender identity. Its standard game design.”

“This isn’t a game. It’s supposed to be a recreation of The Holy Bible.”

“Well, regardless it’s unethical to override a user’s gender without their knowledge and since the ‘recreation’ includes memory blocks and no setup screen, remember you wanted the ‘recreation’ to start with no title screen, there’s no way to get consent.”

“So, what happens next? Adam is created from her rib?”


“That’s not how the bible goes. Fix it.”

“I can’t without either loosening the memory blocks or adding a title screen.”

“The whole point is for people to experience the Garden of Eden and the Fall From Grace first hand. Wait, if she stays in the recreation will the serpent tempt her or Adam?”

“Adam. We found that in playthroughs with women only 40% would be tempted by the snake but 90% would be tempted by their in-game mate.”

“At least it’s always Adam and Eve.”

“Not always.”


“Well, we can’t override the player’s sexual identity without consent either.”

“So, what happens if a gay man enters the recreation?”

“He would enter the game as Adam and eventually another Adam would be ‘created’ from his rib.”

“That’s blasphemy.”

“No, it’s ethical game design.”

Gillian on Pokemon Go

Back when Pokemon Go was announced I thought I might give it a try.  I didn’t think it was going to be that big of a deal.  I figured I might get my roommate to play for a little while and maybe meet a few other players.  In the past few months I’ve barely heard anything about it’s upcoming launch.  I didn’t even hear about the beta test.

2016-07-10 07.37.49Then a couple of days ago someone posted a screenshot of the game.  Then my roommate came home a level two trainer.  Then I found the Facebook group for my city with just over two hundred members (there’s probably a couple times that many in the city).  Then a girl I work with walked into the break room and caught a Zubat before our shifts.

You obviously don’t need me to tell you game has exploded and I love it.  Well, I love the game but I hate the scorching Texas heat.  I’ve only gotten to level six because of app glitches.  I lose the ability to connect reliably to the servers in the afternoons.  It might partially by my phone because my roommate’s Iphone doesn’t have the same problems.

I especially love how it’s created a common activity for people to bond over in real life.

When I got off work tonight, I held a mini Pokemon Go seminar for a couple of the girls in parking lot.

Then later, I went to pass by the three pokestops, all located at churches, near my apartment to get more items.  As I got close to the first one, I noticed someone had put a lure on it to attract more pokemon.  I caught a bulbasaur as I walked up to it.  I said “Hi.” to the two 18-25 ish guys next to the parked pick-up.  One of them noticed I had my phone out and called out, a little uncertain, “Hey, are you playing a game?”  I smiled, flashed him my phone which was still on the pokestop and said, “Yep, Pokemon Go.”  They told me I could stay and take advantage of the lure but I wanted to hit the other pokestops first.

On the way back they were still there, along with another car full of Pokemon Go players, one of whom called out, “Hey Pokemon girl.”  I stopped and chatted with them about the pokemon in the immediate area (mostly Dodou and some others but mostly Dodou).

On a side note: I find it interesting that there are places where you find a lot of one kind of pokemon.  Our mall, for instance, is full of Zubats.

I really hope the server issues get fixed so my walk to work can at least count toward hatching eggs.  I missed out on a little more than a kilometer today.