Today is the official start of my website. I’m slowly reposting older stories for now but new stories will also be coming out soon. Read the blog post for more details.

New short stories or the current serial story are posted on Mondays.  Flash fiction stories are posted on Fridays.  Blog posts will be when every I have something to say about my own life or reviews of movies, books, or tv shows.

I’ll be crossposting blog posts to my personal tumblr and continue reblogging posts there in the future.  From now on stories will be linked to from my fiction tumblr and my Facebook page and you can follow me on Twitter @konani.

If you’d like to support my writing, consider becoming a patron to my Patreon.  Linking to this site, individual stories, or my Patreon are also very helpful.

Subscribe to my RSS feed or like the Facebook page to keep up with new stories and blog posts.

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