Lisa’s Story: Zombie Apocalypse – Prologue


I scratched my legal name off the new schedule and wrote in Lisa. The scheduling system was supposed to be able to handle “nicknames” but after an hour my manager had given up figuring out how it worked. It wasn’t that big of deal. All my co-workers knew my legal name but were good about not using it.

A co-worker and I fangirled about the new Marvel movie during our breaks. I trained a new employee on the register. She caught on fast and after an hour I barely had to help her. Got one person to sign up for the store’s credit card. Restocked the ladies feature racks. Clocked out on time.

On the bus ride home, I saw a Facebook post about a man attacking people at a hospital. The local newspaper’s website didn’t have a story about it yet.

Lisa’s Story is a story posted weekly about a trans woman trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse.  Look for new chapters every Monday.  To celebrate starting this new series, I will be posting “Chapter One” early on Wednesday.

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