Lisa’s Story: Zombie Apocalypse – Chapter Three

I stopped at the highway between Andy’s convenience store and the superstore, aware of how silent the world had become. Tires on pavement, engines purring, growling, or sputtering, music fading in and out, the occasional car horn and yelled curse word. Instead there was only the chirping of birds and rustling leaves. I crossed looking for zombies instead of the erratic drivers that normally made it hazardous to cross.

From the last bit of cover at the edge, I surveyed the parking lot. A few cars had been left behind scattered around the lot but most of it was empty and thankfully zombie free. I hoped it would stay that way until I got inside at least.
The doors were shut and the store beyond dark. I pulled the tire iron out of my bag and stuck it between the doors. I pulled and pushed against the tire iron. The door creaked but remained locked. I looked around again wary of being exposed for so long. I removed the tire iron from between the doors and tried shoving it into the key hole twisting and turning it as much as I could. Several hard turns broke something loose inside and I pulled the lock out of the door. A minute of fiddling with the mechanism and the door unlocked. I looked around the parking lot one more time before slipping inside. I repeated my lock-picking skills on the inner doors.

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