Empty Nest

The Captain sat on the bridge of the flag ship, a cruise line ship that had been hastily refitted, of the United Earth Space Force. The bridge was spacious with a large forward window. The captain’s chair was plush and soft like an well worn armchair; less a command seat and more a throne. Around it several screens had been added, hard mounted through the plush carpet, to give the captain situational data. Currently they displayed files on the situation that was her current mission.

Eight months ago a FTL drone had arrived in Earth orbit and transmitted a message from a mining colony. It was a simple declaration of independence. Most people thought a single colony declaring its independence was just posturing, perhaps a bid for better pay. Some feared it would start a movement among the colonies if allowed to stand unchallenged. The debates seemed never ending until the cargo ships began returning empty. They reported the colony had ceased trade until their independence was recognized. Spurred by corporate interests a fleet was assembled and dispatched to bring them back under control.

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