How Long Is Forever?

I said to my immortal wife, “Goodbye my love.”
To me, her immortal wife, she said, “Goodbye, my heart.”
“I’ll see you in fifty years.”
“I’ll see you in twenty.”
“Goodbye my world.” “Goodbye my light.”
Then she left in a ship to the stars.

What is fifty years to a pair of immortals?
We have forever to be together.

In forever, the stars in the sky will be replaced by new stars.
In forever, new worlds will blossom.
In forever, all things old will make way for the new.

Except us.

We will watch the seas dry up.
We will watch the sky rip open.
We will watch the earth die.
We will watch the sun swallow the earth.

To live forever is to say goodbye to everything we know.
To live forever is to see new worlds.
To live forever is to see the universe turn.

How long is forever?
Forever is long enough to be with her.


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