My Headphones Broke (a little)

So several months ago, maybe as long ago as January, I bought a pair of wireless bluetooth headphones because regular head phones just don’t last very long(a couple of months) for me.  I know it’s because I’m constantly shoving them in my purse when I get to work bending the wires at the plug causing them to break.  About couple of weeks ago the power button on my wireless headphone broke.  It sagged in and didn’t feel like it was pressing against anything.  The headphones have a aux jack so I’ve been using that.  I have a low but significant chance of just plain breaking electronics when I try to fix them, so I have been putting it off.  Tonight I finally worked up the courage to crack them open and see if it’s something I can fix or not.

Pictures behind the read more.

Here you can see what I was faced with.  No visible screws.  No obvious place to pry apart.

2016-10-30 23.05.07

After a little gentle prodding I loosened the cushion and was able to pry it up.  I was a little scared that I was breaking something, like I always do when I have unsnap something by just pulling it apart.

2016-10-30 23.04.41

Under the cushion there were four screws holding the plastic shell together.  This also had to pried apart starting from the part that blends into the headband.

2016-10-30 22.55.29

Finally the circuit board was held down by two screws.

2016-10-30 22.53.32

With the circuit board free I was able see that the button that should be on the circuit board to be pressed by the plastic power button was just gone.

2016-10-31 03.48.09

I’m honestly not sure if I can fix this.  The solder points are really small and I’m not great at soldering.  I can still use the head phones with a aux cable but that kind of defeats the purpose of having wireless headphones.  First I have to find a replacement button after that I can contemplate attempting to soldering it in place.

I have to work most of the week so it’ll be later in the week when I can swing by Radio Shack.

Fun Fact: The disassembly photos were taken while I was putting it back together, which I was able to do without breaking anything, so they are in the post in reverse order.


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