The New Fable of Ant and Cricket

Once upon a time there was an Ant and a Cricket:

In the spring, after the harsh winter,
Ant worked hard to clean out her burrow.
Cricket, meanwhile, practiced her chirp.

In the summer when food was plentiful,
Ant toiled day after day to stock pile food
While Cricket and her friends preformed symphonies everyday

In the fall, as winter began to loom,
Ant finished her preparations for the winter.
Cricket stopped playing as food became hard to find.

As winter began, Cricket came to Ant and asked,
“Can you spare anything for me?”
Ant said, “Of course! Come in, come in.”

“Your music lifted my spirits after the harsh winter
“During the long summer days, it made my work light
“The fall was dull and lifeless without your playing.
“Please, come in and stay the winter.”

Ant turns now to the reader just before her door closes
“And even if she wasn’t a musician, I would invite her in
“Because no one deserves to die from lack of resources.”

Ant and Cricket spent a lovely winter together.

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