Justice League Watch Log/Review


Originally posted on my Tumblr as I watched the movie.


I’m just about to start watching the Justice League movie. Let’s see how bad this is.


I’m about halfway through the movie.

Cyborg’s storyline is kinda cool. I liked Barry Allen’s storyline when I saw it in the tv show. Also, they need to cool it with the Barry is horny for Diana “jokes”. Aquaman’s backstory is so ill-defined and so far in the background that if I didn’t know it already it wouldn’t make any sense. Atlantis and merpeople are just a thing now I guess. I don’t know what Diana’s storyline is except to fight and look sexy. Also, Diana has super speed too now I guess. Batman is Batman; so that’s ok.

The action isn’t really wowing me and the plot doesn’t feel super engaging. Maybe it’ll pick up in the second half now that the team is (mostly) together.


Yeah having the team together helped a lot. I wish there had just a little bit more of them interacting. Not for the movie to be longer but if they got together like twenty minutes sooner.

Diana’s story came into focus in the second half of the movie a little better. Something about coming out of the shadows and being a shining beacon of hope. We don’t really get to see her take charge of the team just hear about it while they save Batman.

Btw Bruce letting the Kent’s farm get foreclosed on makes no sense. You can not tell me that he wouldn’t have been keeping on eye on Martha Kent after getting her son, Clark Kent aka Superman, killed. At the very least he would have kept the mortgage paid up. That woman has lost everyone in her family. Bruce, my parents are dead, Wayne would not have let her lose the farm too.

That Russian family that briefly appears throughout the movie is obviously there to make the danger personal. Mostly I was confused about what was special about them in particular and later surprised that there were other civilians in the area as well.

Overall not as bad as I thought it would be.

Rating 3/5

Spoilery thoughts below.

The first fight with Superman after he comes back to life is okay. I’m not a fan of how overpowered he is. In the final fight when he shows up, he curbstomps Steppenwolf. Steppenwolf who has been undefeatable even by an Amazon army. Steppenwolf who has been barely bothered by the other five superheroes. Not to get nitpicky but remember Doomsday who Superman couldn’t handle alone? So by that metric Steppenwolf is a magnitude of power below Superman. But still stronger than entire armies?

I’ll admit to feeling something when Martha drove up and hugged Clark.

Superman’s suit is a bright blue which I like but the painted on muscles are a bit much.

Also if Superman is that fast why didn’t he save anyone from the courthouse explosion in the last movie? The fact that he can move faster than Barry really undercuts Barry’s usefulness. Barry gets a side mission to save fleeing civilians but Superman swoops in to save them faster and shows off his strength by moving an entire building.

It’s underwhelming when one character shows up and the fight is just over.

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