“The Umbrella Academy” Episode Two Thoughts

So, I think I’m going to try to write up one of these “thoughts” posts for each episode as I watch each one. I tried to be non-spoiler for the first one but starting with this one I’ll give a quick review of the episode and then spoilers for the episode and comics will be behind a read more.

Great second episode. It cemented the idea that I may know the story but I don’t know what is coming next. More good character moments between the Academy members. Pogo, despite being a talking monkey, brings a lot of gravitas to the scenes he’s in.

Rating: Honestly they’re all going to be in the 4/5-5/5 range unless the series makes a serious misstep.

So any thoughts that the series would stick within the first story arc of the comic are right out the window. Hazel and Cha Cha, two time-traveling assassins from the second story arc of the comic, appear in this episode. I was mildly disappointed that when they show up they weren’t wearing their furry masks. It makes sense with the less absurdist tone the series is taking. Two people walking around in suits and furry masks would stand out too much.

I liked the scene with Allison and Vanya. It further shows the rift between Vanya and the rest of the Academy. I wish they would reference something other than just Vanya’s book. We are getting more childhood scenes so the series could show us more of how Hargreeves damaged these kids.

Diego as a failed cop is so good. It gives him an in with the cops that isn’t a Commissioner Gordon ripoff. Something I hope the series keeps doing is adding to the characters’ backstories.

I can’t decide if that guy that went to Vanya for a violin lesson is a Bad Guy or just a red herring. The mention of his father dying feels to well crafted to be a coincidence. But he could just be a guy who asked her out and was rebuffed to show how she isolates herself.

Ben, No. 6, is haunting Klaus and I really want to know how he died. In the comics, it’s like a secret shame that they all carry and because they all know what happened they never talk about specifics. Which I can understand but if the series is going to have Ben’s ghost as a character than I would like some answers.

Klaus casually mentioning a same-sex romantic partner was nice. It’s surprising how simple little things help you feel connected to … something.

The lost notebook and the papers that were with it are, I think, going to play a part in Vanya’s transformation later in the series.

I did feel the reveal of Dolores as a mannequin was a bit drawn out. In the comic, there’s no mystery about who Dolores is. I feel like it might have been better to let the audience in on the joke earlier rather than make it a reveal.

The music choices for Hazel and Cha-Cha’s attack on No. 5 and No. 5 finding the rest of the Academy dead are great.

That’s all for this episode.

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