“The Umbrella Academy” Episode Nine Thoughts

Second to the last episode done. We’re in the final stretch with the ending in sight.

I feel all wound up for the finale. Overall I’ve really liked the series up to this point. It’s going to take a real stinker of an ending to change my mind.

I’m kind of surprised that this episode and the finale are 45 and 47 minutes long respectively. They are the shortest ones in the season where most episodes have hovered around the hour mark. I don’t feel like this episode was too short but it wouldn’t have hurt to expound on a few things.

Spoiler thoughts under the cut.

Okay, I’m so very confused about this opening. Is this before Vanya got rumored? Why is the Professor letting the same scenario play out again and again? Why doesn’t anyone get the kettle off the stove? Did the other nannies die? Why does failing to kill Grace make Vanya eat her oatmeal? I’m sure these questions will be answered. (They weren’t.)

“Leonard” is the worst at cleaning up. How do you strip someone naked, draw a bath, and somehow do nothing about the blood on her hands?

“You Patrick Swayzeed me.” Best line.

So Klaus having his telekinesis but using it through ghosts is a really good addition to the character. I liked how he kept taking about Vanya being scared or confused by her new power but was also talking about himself.

“Leonard” is dead. He never got his artificial eye. So things have changed from how they happened the first time around. I had thought we were watching a mostly stable time loop that included No. 5 coming back in time to try to stop the apocalypse. No. 5 coming back in time didn’t happen before and has changed some details but the broad strokes (no pun) are still happening.

Pogo looks so sad all the time and I wish I could honestly feel bad for him but he was and continues to be complicit with the Professor’s abuse of these kids.

I didn’t mention Hazel’s side love story last episode because it felt like his story was wrapped up in episodes 6 & 7. I thought Hazel leaving Agnes last episode was him going back to finish off Cha-Cha. It does make sense he would want to save the world after falling in love. His fight with Diego was good but his fight with Cha-Cha at the end was so great. I wanted to see more of the fight happening over Agnes. Like Cha-Cha shoving the chair closer to the edge and Hazel pulling it back. That would have amped up the tension in the fight.

No. 5 and Dolores kind of creepy but still a but love story than twilight.

Luther appearing at the top of the stairs and then the back lighting as he walked down was so menacing. I fully expected him to try to kill Vanya. I was relieved he just knocked her out. I’m glad everyone else wanted to let Vanya out but disappointed that they still went along with Luther.

I expected Vanya to stay locked up until the next episode when someone would let her out. Creepy inner child voice is a weird choice this late in the season. Is this supposed to tie back into the beginning when child Vanya was “killing?” her nannies? Is this she was evil all along? I don’t really like that idea. I wish we had gotten more insight into her powers or what she was like before getting “rumored”.

Klaus and Ben playing patty cake was nice.

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