A Blacksmith’s Journal

March 13

John came by with a busted chain. I told him I could fix it but not before I fixed George’s plow blade. He was a bit cross but agreed to wait.

March 15

Ruby brought in a cracked ax head again. I told her to use a lighter hand when chopping wood.

March 16

Stranger came by with a sword. Broken in two. I told him I wasn’t a weapon’s smith. He insisted I would do just fine and left me with the sword.

March 17

The sword’s steel is strange. Harder than anything I’ve worked with before. The halves hold barely any heat. I will need to stoke my furnace hotter.

March 19

I can not do this. Reforging a sword of this metal is impossible for me.


I am stoking the furnace one more time.

March 20

It’s done. The sword is whole again. I worked through the night. Heating and hammering and reheating and hammering more until the weld was complete. Even without polishing it seems to gleam.

March 21

The stranger returned for his sword in the evening. He smiled when he pulled it from it’s scabbard. He gave me ten gold coins and left again.

March 22

Harrison ordered some iron braces and nails.

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