Flash Fiction 2: Jedi of the Empire


When she’s twelve, Dgeng knocks her down and holds her arms. She can’t get free, so she PUSHES and Dgeng is thrown across the room. No one believes him but the bruises on his back get her suspended.

Her parents figure it out after talking to her. She hears them talking that night.

“It’s forbidden.”

“She’s just a little girl. She doesn’t know what it means. We can tell her to stop.”

“No that won’t be enough. Last month my ship was sent to investigate a possible Jedi.”

“I thought they were all dead.”

“Most are but a few escaped the purges. Darth Vader met our clone detachment planetside. He led them to the suspected Jedi and killed him.”

“So, it was a Jedi?”

“No it was just a kid. Vader said, ‘He was strong in the force but no Jedi.’ He killed him anyway.”

They’re silent for a long time, before her mother speaks.

“We have to teach her to use her abilities but to never reveal them.”

“Train her to use them to do what?”

“To do whatever she can do with them. You said the Jedi pilots you saw in the war were the best you have ever seen and she wants to be a pilot just like you were.”

“Martha, you’re talking about training her to be a Jedi. That’s treason.”

“What should we do? Turn her over to Vader? You might as well kill her yourself.”

She can feel the anger and fear rolling off her mother like heat waves.

“A Jedi flying for the Empire?” Calm certitude mixed with dread flows from her father as he decides, “Fine, we will teach her. It will be hard. The Jedi temple and records were destroyed and almost all material about Jedi was ordered destroyed years ago. And this is treason. But we will manage.”


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