Flash Fiction 3: What the House Heard

Trigger warning: violence

Timbers creaking. The old pipes rumbling. The wind whistling through the attic. Leaves rustling on the tree.

Footsteps on the porch. Metal scraping sliding tapping metal. Click scrap of the deadbolt. Faint squeak from the hinges. Footsteps on hardwood floor. Footsteps on tile. Footsteps on hardwood floor. Footsteps on carpet. Footsteps on hardwood. Footsteps on the stairs.

Loud creak from sixth stair and quiet cursing. Opening door upstairs. Quiet on the stairs. Footsteps in the hall. Snap click of a light switch.


Toilet runs. Wind blows outside. Wind blows through open door. The wind pulls the door shut. BANG!

Pounding steps up the stairs. Screams. Thuds from bodies hitting the walls. Snap crack tinkling from fallen photo frames. Shouts of pain. Thump of body on floor. SLAM! Bedroom door closes. Dialtone, beeping, ringing.

THUDCRACK! The bedroom door opens. Yelling screaming. GUNSHOT!


Footsteps in the hall. Footsteps on the stairs. Footsteps on the hardwood floor. Faint squeak from the hinges. Clack thud the door closes.

Sirens in the distance.

Author note: This was written as self imposed challenge of writing a story with only descriptions of sounds.

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