Flash Fiction 5: The Blue Box

Day One

Object appears to be a blue police box. It is located in the center of an unused warehouse. How long it has been there is unknown. Initial attempts at opening the doors have not been successful. The box also can not be moved. A guard unit will be assigned to secure the warehouse until an investigative team can be dispatched.

Day Two

Further attempts at opening the door have failed. The lock can not be picked or drilled out. An attempt was made at cutting through the doors, which failed. A brute force attack also failed. We are awaiting approval to begin using explosives.

The Science team have had little luck in determining what the box truly is or what it is doing in this warehouse. It appears to be almost entirely inert. It’s surface is air temperature and it is not emitting any extraneous radiation. If we couldn’t see and touch it we might not know it was here.

Day three

Dr. Jacobs has detected an ultra high frequency sound coming from the box. After modulating the sound into human hearing range, it appears the box is humming. The tune is not one that anyone has heard before and computer identification has also failed but it is definitely a song and not random noise. We have begun monitoring and recording the humming.

Day six

Two men and a woman were apprehended trying to break into the warehouse. They were brought to the main area after revealing that they had knowledge of the box.

[begin transcript]

Man1: Ah hello, I see you’ve got yourself a nice little mystery here. Blue box that you can’t open? Well I think I can help.

Dr Jacobs: And who are you?

Man2: Oh here we go again…

Man1: Hush, I’m the-

Woman: Oh for Pete’s sake. Everybody RUN!

[end transcript]

The three ran to the box and opened the door. After all three had piled inside the light on the top of the box began to brighten and dim in regular rhythm. It also began to make an audible sound before fading out of sight. We first thought some sort of cloaking screen had been activated but discovered that the box was no longer present.

Day eight

The Science team has gathered all the data they can from the space the box vacated. They have theorized that the box was some sort of teleportation device. Why it looked like a police call is unknown.

Approval to use explosive to open the box has come through.

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