Flash Fiction 9: Those Passed By

In the morning:

“They didn’t take anything?”

“Not that I can see,” Dad answered. Looking around the cramped storage unit I had to agree. The drawers in Grandma’s dresser had been pulled out, several boxes were open, and most of the toys from my old toy chest were strewn about but everything seemed to still be there.

“What about my collectables?”

“You mean your doll collection?” he asked with a smile.

“Action figures,” I said having heard his jokes before.

“Yeah they’re still here. A little tossed around but still here.”

“Why break in if you’re not going to steal anything?”

“Our unit wasn’t the only one broken into last night. Twelve other units had their locks cut but nothing stolen.”

“That’s weird.”

“Not really. The manager was telling me this happens a lot. Storage units get broken into but nothing gets stolen. Twelve is more than usual but it happens.”

“It’s still weird to break in and not steal anything.”

“Probably just kids with nothing else to do.”

“I don’t know it looks like they were looking for something.”

The previous night:

“You find it?”

“Nope, ‘nother false lead.”

“We only have until the equinox to find it or…”

“End of the world, I know. We’ll find the artifact before that happens.”

“Yeah we have to. Ok let’s go.”

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