Journey’s End Redux

“BinaryBinaryBinaryBinaryBinaryBinaryBinaryBinaryBinaryBinary-” Doctor Donna gasped for a breath and fell silent.

The Doctor pushed off the support he was leaning against and walk over to her, “Donna, do you know what’s happening?”

“Yeah.” She leaned against the Tardis console. “Human Timelord Metacrisis is unstable. Big old Timelord thoughts stuffed in a tiny human mind. I thought I had more time,“ she turned to look into the Doctor’s eyes, “I want to stay. I… oh that could work.”

“What could work?” the Doctor asked.

“No time to explain. Arms out Spaceman.” Donna waved the Doctor’s arms up.


“I said Arms Out SPACEMAN!” Doctor Donna commanded.

The Doctor spread his arms wide completely unsure why but trusting her. Doctor Donna slipped her hand deftly into his inner suit pocket and plucked the sonic screwdriver out. “Thank you,“ she said.

“Hey, what are you-” the Doctor said dropping his arms.

“Shut it,” she held a finger up, “The Doctor Donna is working,” she turned to the sonic screwdriver and began making adjustments it’s settings.

“Careful, you’ll break it.” the Doctor whined.

“Oh please, like there aren’t half a dozen broken ones already lying about.”

“Well..” the Doctor said stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“Ok, let’s try this,” Doctor Donna said, pointed the sonic screwdriver at her head and activated it. Blue light shone across her face, while it buzzed and whirled angrily. The light and sound stopped. Doctor Donna looked at the device, “Hmm not quite right.” She made a change to a setting and once more pointed it at her head.

As the light hit her face, her eyes rolled back and her legs buckled. The Doctor jumped forward and grabbed her, keeping her from hitting the decking hard.

“Donna. Donna! Oh, what have you done?”

“Hhhuu, what happened?” Donna asked.

“Donna, you’re ok. Thank heavens you’re ok.”

“Why am I on the floor? We were on the Dalek ship and then You Were Naked! and now I’m on the ground. Did we hit something?”

“You’re fine.”

“Of course I’m fine. Now help me up.” He steadied her as she regained her feet. “How did I get this?“ she asked holding the sonic screwdriver out to the Doctor.

The Doctor took the sonic screwdriver and puzzled at the settings. “This shouldn’t work. You got the power inverters verting into the bypass filter and the relays feeding into the synchronous output and OH HO HO!” The Doctor broke out in a grin, “You clever woman you! You shunted the Timelord brainwaves into a hyperreality matrix operating out of a time differential phase shift of point zerozerozerozerozerozerozerozerozero one.”

“Again in English?” Donna asked.

“There was an accident with my hand, you know the one in the jar, and it grew into another me. Well not an exact copy, a Timelord human hybrid. You got a dose of Timelord in the process, ended up with all my thoughts in your head. Human Timelord Metacrisis. Quite a good combination my thoughts in your brain, more than the Daleks could handle but it was too much for your brain to handle. It was going to kill you. I was going to lock it away, make you forget all about me, the Tardis, and our travels, to save your life.”

“You were going brainwash me?”

“To save your life,” the Doctor smiled, “But you saved your own life. Came up with way to just lock the Timelord brainwaves up.”

“So I don’t have to go home?”

“No,” he looked down shoulder slumped, “Not, unless you want to…”

“What did I say? I’m going to travel with you for the rest of my life.”

“All right then.”

“Oh my god. I just realized; I missed it all again,” she threw her arms up in the air, “I missed the end of the world! I was there and I still missed it!”

The Doctor and Donna Noble’s adventures will continue…

Author’s note: I’m not currently planning to write an alternate season with Ten and Donna.  I just really didn’t like the way Donna was forced off the show.  I know it was because Catherine Tate was only supposed to be in the one series but I felt like I needed to give Donna a better ending.


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