Two Women Meet

Two women meet on the dance floor. Something sparks between them. They dance like one person in two bodies. Moving to a beat powered by pure lust. In the dark corners, they kiss and caress. Whispered nothings flow from their lips. There is no love, only lust but for them that is enough. They dance in each others arms to an apartment. Whose apartment? Neither cares. The dance continues. A blouse hits the floor. A skirt follows. A kiss and a moment of peace. Bra and panties are flung to distant corners of the room. One now nude. One still clothed. One circles round the other and begins to unwrap her present. A second blouse joins the first. Pants follow and then the music stops. The dance falls apart. One yells because she is shocked, confused, unprepared. One cries because she can not change who she is. A blouse is grabbed from the floor and a woman runs out of the apartment.

Two women meet on the street. The first is ashamed. The second is scared. The first woman begins to talk. Tries to explain. She was shocked. She overreacted. She is sorry. The second woman is silent. She listens but doesn’t want to do this on the street. She doesn’t want to do it at all. There is a cafe nearby. They find a table and sit. The first woman apologizes again, looking for absolution. The second woman can not give her this. She can not forget the pain. She can not forget how it felt to have her identity stripped away because of one body part. The first woman can not know the pain she has been through. She can try though. She doesn’t know why she acted like she did. She knows it was wrong. The second woman pardons the first but does not forget. They go their separate ways.

Two women meet at a party. They circle each other cautiously aware of the pain between them. Drinks are poured and almost stale pretzels consumed. Small talk fills the space between them. Slowly the tension dissolves. More drinks and more pretzels. Talk resumes with more serious topics. Trust is reestablished; weaker at some points, stronger at others. Numbers are exchanged; promises of lunch are made. The party ends and they go home alone.

Two women meet for lunch. They have a very good time.

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