Dragon’s Hoard: Ogreslayer

Annie sat at her customary table in the back of the tavern. Marion had been kind enough to have a wide bench seat for her installed against the wall. It was a slow night, not too crowded, mostly regulars from the village and a couple of travelers who seemed to have taken notice of her. She avoid looking at them not wanting to encourage them but after a while they walked over to her table.

“Hello sir–” one began but she cut him off without looking up.

“I’m not a sir.” She scratched the stubble on her neck. It was time to get another potion from the healer in the next village over. Its effects were minor; a slight softening of her features, halting her beard growth, and the small breasts that were almost unnoticeable on her hugely muscled chest. They mostly did not stop people who didn’t know her from calling her sir but they made her feel better.

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Dragon’s Hoard is the overarching name for this story series about older, retired, and/or disabled adventurers in a fantasy setting who are brought together for a special job. This is the first of a few character pieces before they are brought together for the main story.

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