Watchtower at the End of the World

The watchtower was built out of the wreckage of our homes. The first watchtower attracted wyverns. We think the cleric’s blessing of the sanctuary did not reach high enough to repel them and he would not climb to the top to bless it. The second tower we built shorter and have not been bothered by the wyverns. It’s a simple structure, a ladder leading to a flat platform covered by a tarp.

A fairy alighted on my shoulder singing a happy wordless tune. I smiled. Since they came to stay with us, within the walls, they had mostly been silent. We used to hear them, many more than were left, singing often in the woods but the enemy burnt and slashed and trampled it flat. They were hesitant at first to be near people. The children left food for them on the walls and slowly they made themselves known to us.

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Note: This is part of a small collection of stories set in a fantasy world that has fallen to a great evil.

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