“The Umbrella Academy” Episode Four Thoughts

Quick review:

Separate plotlines are beginning to bump into each other. More backstory reveals for Luther and Klaus. Overall I like the way backstory is being rationed out as each character moves in and out of the spotlight. Some might find it frustrating though.

We’re almost halfway through the season and I feel like the pacing of the plot has been slow but steady. There haven’t been any episodes yet that I would skip on a rewatch.

Spoiler thoughts under the read more:

I f*ing knew Leonard wasn’t just a good guy! He’s totally the big bad. I knew!

Luther’s ‘transformation’ was less intense than I thought it would be. I wish they had spent some time on how he adapted (or didn’t) to his body. I also wish we got more about why he was on the moon. Comic-wise going to space was his dream but here it feels like they’ve been hinting that Hargreaves sent Luther to the moon on a mission.

Hazel and Cha-Cha trying to torture Klaus was expected. The fact that he didn’t fall apart like a wet napkin was not. After seeing what his father did to him as a kid, it’s understandable where his hidden reserves came from. Plus he has Ben there too. Ben the real hero of this episode who helped him use his power to start to turn the tables on the two assassins.

I loved their high dance party while committing arson. Excellent use of multiple panels.

The prosthetics building burning up a big set back for No. Five’s investigation but (not to get too meta) it is still early in the season. It would have been too easy if No. Five made actual progress. I feel like the eye might not be important. Like maybe Luther gets it from police evidence because the building was burnt up because No. Five was looking for it. Time travel is a factor in the story so time loops aren’t out of the question.

I’m real pissed about Detective Eudora Patch. I had the thought when she showed up, “Please don’t kill her.” I’m not sure but I feel like when a character is changed from a man to a woman there’s a high chance she’s going to die. It becomes even more certain if she’s romanticly linked with a main character. That’s two women Diego had an emotional attachment to that have died. I don’t like that she died from a meta point of view but it does make sense in the story.

According to Cha-Cha, they’re supposed to keep the case with them at all times. They may be the best of the best (although Hazel may be slipping) but eventually, they’re going to get cornered or drop the case and someone is going to try to open it. So, I feel like setting up your briefcase time machine to activate when you try to open it is a real hazard.

Now the question is when did Klaus go? The future or the past? Maybe back to Hazel and Cha-Cha’s home base, whenever that is?

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