“The Umbrella Academy” Episode Five Thoughts

I’ve been putting off watching this episode until I could also devote time to writing up a review. I’m going to work on finishing up the season fairly soon.

Quick Review:

Episode Five, the halfway mark of the season but it doesn’t feel like the end of an arc. I guess from watching the Netflix Marvel shows I was expecting something big to happen and change the status quo. There was a big confrontation between the bad guys and the good guys, main plot threads converged, and some secrets were hinted at but it isn’t the sudden big change that happens in a lot of other shows at the mid-season. Everything that happened has been slowly been building over the last five episodes like a well-made rube goldberg machine.

This is my favorite episode so far because events are paying off in satisfying manners.

Spoiler thoughts under the read more:

No. 5’s story is nicely told through a few quick scenes showing the passage of time. I was bothered by the stacks of books unprotected from the elements. Maybe it doesn’t rain anymore?
While I know the series is going for a more realistic look, I will miss the robot suit with a fishbowl head piloted by the fish that was the boss in the comic.

Klaus’s return was heartbreaking. Klaus in the series is a lot more delicate than the Klaus in the comics. Comic Klaus treated their trip to Vietnam as a kind of vacation even having a child that he ended up leaving behind. Series Klaus ended up alone in Vietnam without any of his brothers and went through hell it looks like to get back. Destroying the case once he’s back is completely understandable.

I’m so glad No. 5 and Diego noticed that something was wrong with Klaus and tried to talk to him.

Oh god, he found someone to love and he died. I wonder if Klaus wasn’t planning on coming back until David died. Was that David’s blood on his hands?

Hazel has a soft side that wasn’t in the comic. I like it. It keeps him from being a one-dimensional cartoon killer. He’s still a bad guy but with a cream center. His ‘romance’ with the waitress is almost sweet.

I hate that Vanya is pushing Allison away because Allison is right about Leonard but Allison has no proof just a gut feeling so Vanya is right to defend this guy that makes her feel “special”.
No. 5’s plan makes a cold emotionless sense to trade one life for the world but I don’t know if could make that choice. If I didn’t have time to overthink it, maybe. If there’s time to think, then there’s time to find another way. Until there isn’t any other way and then – I don’t know.

The ice cream truck blaring “Flight of the Valkyries” was awesome and it made Ben happy so I like it even more.

No. 5 leaving the present and everyone else getting together and hopefully telling each other what’s going on is the big change I was expecting from the mid-season episode. But it doesn’t feel like a mid-season twist. It’s just what has to happen next.

I’m very interested in seeing what they do with Vanya’s power. In the comic, it was just a destructive force but here it seems to have other effects. Also, it activated without her playing the violin. Unless that was just a way to show the audience things that we wouldn’t otherwise see.

What is Pogo making Mom keep from the kids? I feel like it’s something more than just Diego shutting her down. I bet it’s something about Dad. I feel so sorry for her.

That’s all for this episode.

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